State-of-the-art equipment to help the healing and recovery process.
Equipment Rentals
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Catered to individuals needs, we offer a plan to make recovery and entry back into a healthy, happy lifestyle easy and seamless.
In-Home Nursing or In-Home Personal Attendant
We work with you and your surgeon to guide you through a safe and successful outcome.
In-Home Rehabilitation
A wide range of services to make your experience as comfortable as possible.
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Private Care for Private People

We have been providing orthopedic post surgical equipment and care for 35 years. Services include: The latest Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machines, Game Ready & Thermotek Home Compression/Cooling, DVT prophylaxis, In-home nursing & Physical therapy, and 24-hr concierge service support.

We will provide everything you need for a great surgical outcome whether a microscopic surgery or hip replacement, knee replacement or shoulder replacement. We work directly with the most successful orthopedics and neurosurgeons to make your post surgical experience as painless and quick as possible. Experience in home care like non-other. We use only the finest orthopedic nurses, PTs, and equipment rentals. Be aware, many insurances may not cover our in home services.

VIP Post-Operative Treatment Packages

We offer packages to help you recover after the following surgeries. Click on a link below to see all your options.

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